Wind / Memory

Menier Gallery, London

A  bench and a hanging light bulb constitute a theatrical set, where re-created soundscapes of wind are played through headphones. Based on the interviews of a time encounting with a wind in the interviewers’ memories, the soundscapes were created to revive the sound of the wind in their memories. You can hear the sounds in the ‘wind’ from a boiling kettle, scratching knifes, a fizzing vitamine tablet in water and heavy breaths... While the light bulb is wiggling by real-time data intervention, the soundscapes in the headphones are changing at the same time.

A research and practice-based project exploring the emotional and cultural connections between people's memories and the wind in nature. The work proposes to answer the question that why human beings intuitively believe that nature is poetic and profound. It reflects the concept that the ecology between natural environments and the culture of human beings in Ecological Anthropology.

I attempted to create a theatrical experience which combines installation art, interactive technologies and documentary, to communicate ideas tangibly, in order to provoke audiences to think about their relationship with nature.