Traces of the Wind
The Vaults, VAULT Festival 2023

It whispers to your ear, pieces of memories, and silently slips away. You don’t know where it comes, and where it will go. You don’t know when it will appear and how it will end. It travels between past, present, and the future, across lands and the sea. Eventually, it becomes time and space.

Traces of the Wind is a multi-sensory performance exploring how sensations of nature link to our memories and emotions. Inspired by theories in Ecological Anthropology, we decide to seek for the answer within unseen forces of the wind.

Traces of the Wind is an immersive experience capturing winds with interacting installations, live sound, video, and objects. Throughout the richness of tangible experiences, the audiences are invited to discover the ineffable bodily and spiritual links with the wind. Every moment of encountering the wind, you are entangled with the minds of someone else in the world.